Monash Park Signage set to be unveiled, showcasing Shepparton’s history

Shepparton Heritage Centre, RiverConnect and Greater Shepparton City Council is pleased to be officially unveiling the Monash Park Signage Project, an exciting initiative showcasing Shepparton's rich colonial history, on Saturday 25 May 2024 at Monash Park in Shepparton.

In summary:

  • New signage project unveils Shepparton's colonial history at Monash Park.
  • 16 panels showcase the area's significance, especially along the Goulburn River.
  • Launch event on May 25th features guest speakers and refreshments.
  • Project led by Shepparton Heritage Centre with support from Council and RiverConnect.

The Monash Park Signage Project consists of 16 panels, with each offering a captivating glimpse into the region’s colonial history, particularly focusing on the area along the river at the back of Welsford Street between High and Fryers Streets.

At the heart of Shepparton's early development, Welsford Street stood as the town's centre when the first waves of development swept through. The historic interpretive panels serve as poignant reminders of the industries and events that shaped the area's history, highlighting the significant contributions made along the riverbank.

The Monash Park Signage Project is proudly presented by the Shepparton Heritage Centre, in collaboration with RiverConnect and Greater Shepparton City Council. Prior to the inception of this project, there were no historical signs within Greater Shepparton that detailed the importance of the rivers to the development of the town through commerce, river transport and early European settlement.

Monash Park itself lies where the Goulburn River once ran, before it was diverted in 1969. This signage provides an exciting opportunity to provide a comprehensive story of the early Shepparton township for locals and visitors alike. The signage also adds to the historical precinct, with the old jetty nearby and the Shepparton Heritage Centre a short walk away.

The Monash Park Signage Project received funding from the Greater Shepparton Heritage Advisory Committee’s ‘Heritage Interpretive Signage Funding Program’, RiverConnect and Council’s Community Matching Grants.

Mayor, Councillor Shane Sali, praised the work of the Shepparton Heritage Centre and RiverConnect in getting this project up and running.

“The Shepparton Heritage Centre and RiverConnect have put in a mountain of work, dating back to 2019, to get this project underway. The history of Monash Park is a really important part of our region and we are proud to be able to promote the historic and cultural significance within Greater Shepparton,” he said.

“It is important to recognise and celebrate the evolution of Shepparton. Many people are not aware that the Goulburn River ran through where Monash Park lies today, so it is great to put this information out there and provide our community with some history of the area.”

The community is welcome to attend the unveiling of the Monash Park Signage Project at 2pm on Saturday 25 May 2024 at Monash Park in Shepparton. There will be guest speakers, an official unveiling and light refreshments at the Shepparton Heritage Centre’s History Hub upon conclusion.

“We invite everyone to join us in celebrating our heritage and exploring the fascinating stories behind Shepparton's evolution,” Cr Sali said.

For further information about the Monash Park Signage Project, please visit the RiverConnect website.


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