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Shepparton Show Me revoked as Section 86 Committee under new Local Government Act

After more than 20 years, the Shepparton Show Me Committee, comprising business, industry and Council representatives was revoked as a Section 86 committee at Tuesday night’s Council Meeting.

The new Local Government Act 2020 states Section 86 Special Committees of Council are no longer part of the act, and committees like Shepparton Show Me need to be formally revoked, with work to be done on how they will operate into the future.

The 2020 Act states only three types of committees can be established; a Delegated Committee, Community Asset Committee or an Audit and Risk Committee.

Shepparton Show Me does not fit under these categories, and as such, the group is no longer able to operate as a formal Committee of Council.

Council is committed to retaining the expertise and services of the members of the Shepparton Show Me Committee, to continue to drive the current five-year marketing strategy that supports the Greater Shepparton Great Things Happen Here (invest and grow) initiative.

The Committee will transition from a Section 86 Committee to an operational working group, to allow local business people to continue to provide advice on how to attract customers to Greater Shepparton. The group will continue to focus on positioning Greater Shepparton as the premier business and services hub for northern Victoria through a series of campaigns and activities.

For the past 20 years Shepparton Show Me has provided local business and industry representatives with the opportunity to be actively involved in attracting consumers and visitors to the region, and this working group structure will enable this work to continue.

Council Mayor Cr Seema Abdullah, commended the Shepparton Show Me committee as it commences transitioning to a working group.

“The working group will continue to inform how we attract and drive people to our region to continue to purchase our products and utilise our services and to encourage buying local,” she said.

“It’s important to acknowledge and celebrate the work undertaken by all members of our business community who have volunteered their time to be part of the Shepparton Show Me Committee in the past 20 years. The Committee has worked passionately and diligently to put Shepparton on the map as the premier place in northern Victoria to shop, do business, access services, stay and wine and dine, which has seen Shepparton be the envy of other regional centres.

“And while Shepparton Show Me is no longer able to operate as a Section 86 Committee, Council is committed to the group and our broader business sector to continue to have a voice and to inform marketing initiatives and activities that competitively position Greater Shepparton. A strategic and consolidated approach to marketing our local businesses and industry is more important than ever due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Shane Sali, Chair of the Shepparton Show me Committee, paid tribute to all that the committee has achieved in the past two decades.

“Over 20 plus years the Shepparton Show Me Committee has actively and passionately marketed Shepparton as THE place to do business in northern Victoria. The need to continue to do this is more important than ever,” he said. 

“And while the Committee is working towards a new format, members of the Committee continue to be fully committed to delivering activities and projects that will drive results for the businesses we represent. Going forward we will not only be marketing Shepparton but Greater Shepparton as THE business and services hub for the region.

“Committee members are very excited by the opportunity that the new working group format presents. It will enable us to be more focussed, strategic and agile in bringing to life activities that will drive people to our region to undertake business and access the full suite of services that we have on offer. We have it all here, sometimes we just need to remind consumers that this is the case.

“The SSM Committee has consistently responded to changes in the business landscape over many years and this is new working group format is just another opportunity for us to rise to the occasion.”


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