Request for Care / Waiting List Form

Use this form to add your child to the waiting list for Council's childcare centres.

You can download a printable version of the form here, or use the online form below.

If you have any questions about the enrolment process please call us on (03) 5821 3880, or email

Online form

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If you wish to add your child to the waiting list for all Council's childcare services, please indicate your order of preference by entering the numbers 1 to 4 in the boxes below, with 1 being your first preference.

Your information will be placed on a central waiting list and will be shared among all centres.

You can select more than one.

Priority of access

Long Day Care services use the following criteria to help decide who gets priority when allocating childcare places. Note that this only applies to Long Day Care places.

Please note

  • You will be notified when a place becomes available.
  • If any contact details and/or circumstances change, or care is no longer required, please notify the centre as soon as possible.
  • Your request for care will be reviewed by the service in March and August each year, unless a vacancy occurs earlier.