Graffiti Prevention

Graffiti vandalism is a gateway crime that drains tax and rate payers’ dollars. Funds that could be used for schools, roads, parks and other community improvements, are used for graffiti clean ups.

Graffiti decreases a resident’s feeling of safety. Neighbourhoods with graffiti see a decrease in property values, loss of business growth and tourism, as well as a reduction in users of public transport.

Wipeout Graffiti Program

Council and Victoria Police have teamed up to develop a Wipeout Graffiti program which aims to remove graffiti quickly in a bid to discourage further incidents.

Council has a special rapid response team to remove any reported graffiti from Council property within 24-hours and has installed still cameras in known hot spots to assist police with investigations.

The program also encourages residents and businesses to quickly and easily clean up graffiti on private property with free removal kits. The kits contain a special environmentally friendly cleaning product, equipment and safety gear. $50 paint vouchers are also available under the scheme if the graffiti is not able to be removed using the kit.

Council reports vandalism it cleans to the police, with some recent success in identifying those responsible. Community members are asked to do the same to help police track down culprits and secure specialised resources to help address the issue.


A special community trailer is now available for sporting and trading groups, schools and organisations wishing to conduct graffiti working bees.

A volunteer program has been developed to help businesses and residents who may be unable to remove graffiti themselves. Please telephone the Wipeout Program Co-ordinator on 03 5832 9352 to register as a volunteer. Casual volunteers are most welcome.