Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan

Greater Shepparton City Council have integrated health and wellbeing matters into the Council Plan 2013-17.

To meet our statutory obligations under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 an annual  Municipal Health and Wellbeing Action Plan will be developed for each year of the Council Plan.

The Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008; Section 24, 26, 27 PDF requires an analysis of local health determinants, trends and health and wellbeing indicators, with the involvement of community, to identify a clear strategic approach to:

  • prevent disease
  • promote health prevention strategies
  • protect the community
  • address environmental health dangers.

The current Municipal Health and Wellbeing Action Plan is for a one year period only and clearly demonstrates we have set health and wellbeing strategic goals that address local needs to enable people to achieve maximum health outcomes.

This plan plays an important role whereby community, local stakeholders and Council set the strategic direction for positive health and wellbeing initiatives that address population health trends to maximise health outcomes.

PDF, 1.7 MB

An annual review is completed to capture any observed change, impact and influence made by local health prevention strategies, policies, programs and partnership efforts.

For more information, or to submit your suggestion for the next Municipal Health and Wellbeing Action Plan please contact Council on 03 5832 9400 or email