Goods for Display (Fact Sheet 9)

Community Living Local Law No 1 states:

4.3 Movable Signs – Tables/Chairs – Goods for Display and other Structures

  1. No person shall without a permit place or cause to be placed on a highway or Council land any structure, sign, table, chair or goods for display.
  2. If a structure, sign, table, chair or goods for display are placed on a highway or Council land contrary to clause 4.3 (a), or in contravention of any permit conditions, an authorised officer may remove and impound such item or items if a warning has previously been given to a person who apparently owns or who has placed that item for display on the highway or Council land.


First offence - 2 penalty units ($200.00)
Second or subsequent offence - 4 penalty units ($400.00)


To obtain a Permit to have goods for display on Council land (roads and footpaths) you must provide the following to Council:

  • Completed ‘Application for a Permit for Goods on Display’.
  • Payment of the Application Fee.
  • $20 Million Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency

Permit Conditions

  • The goods for display must not cause any obstruction or annoyance to any member of the public or vehicle. It must be positioned to the satisfaction of an Authorised Officer of the Council.
  • The goods for display must be placed a minimum distance of 1.8m from the shop frontage unless otherwise specified by an Authorised Officer to ensure a clear pathway for pedestrians.
  • The goods on display must only be on the footpath during business hours.
  • The goods on display must be properly maintained at all times to the satisfaction of Council.
  • If a permit is not obtained then the item may be impounded by the Council’s Authorised Officers, which will result in the payment of an impoundment fee for release of the item.

Further conditions can be found on the Application form for a new licence. 

If you have received a Caution Notice-Notice to Comply please ensure that you follow the compliance details.  Failure to comply may result in an infringement being issued.

For more information please contact the Local Laws Branch on (03) 5832 9741.