Kerbside Collection Service Reforms

The Victorian Government is striving to create a circular economy. A circular economy continually seeks to reduce the environmental impacts of production and consumption, while enabling economic growth through more productive use of natural resources.

One of the ways that the Victorian Government is making this change is by legislating new kerbside collection reforms. All Victorian households are getting access to services for four waste and recycling streams.

They include:

  • glass
  • food organics and garden organics (FOGO)
  • mixed recyclables
  • household rubbish.

It’s important to consistently separate household waste and recycling across Victoria. Consistent separation of household waste and recycling will increase recycling. It will also increase the quality of recycled material produced for reuse. It will also reduce waste and landfill.

In 2021, an audit on Greater Shepparton’s kerbside collection service indicated that, on average, 14% of the contents in the waste (red lid) bin is glass and 25% of the recycle (yellow lid) bin contents is also glass. By separating glass, we can recycle more. Better recycling means more, higher quality recycled glass is available to make new products. Separating glass also helps reduce contamination to other recyclable materials by glass shards.

Separating FOGO at households can divert up to 650,000 tonnes of organic waste from landfill each year in Victoria. The 2021 kerbside service audit showed that on average, 52% of the contents in the waste (red lid) bin are food or garden organics. Recovered food and garden organics can be used as compost, mulch and soil conditioners (compost products). It can also be used to make renewable biogas using a system called a digester. This will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as the decomposition process is more efficient than under landfill conditions.

Greater Shepparton City Council is currently investigating the best way to transition to the new service. Although Greater Shepparton already has a FOGO collection, the whole kerbside collection is being reviewed. This review is so the best possible system can be provided to residents. The glass service must be implemented by 2027.

For more information please visit Standardising household recycling across Victoria.