Best Start Early Years Plan

The Greater Shepparton Best Start Early Years Plan (BSEYP) is a local area plan that combines the strategic directions of Best Start and the Municipal Early Years Plan into one combined plan.

It aims to improve outcomes for children aged 0 to 6 years through enhancement and coordination of early education, care and health services, activities and other local developments for young children.

Greater Shepparton is committed to ensuring every child within the municipality is provided the optimal opportunity to thrive. Through this plan, council works in partnership with the community, and a range of organisations, services and local initiatives to improve outcomes for young children and their families.

The five key themes of the Greater Shepparton Best Start Early Years Plan 2020-2025 are:

  1. Play
  2. Learn
  3. Thrive
  4. Voice
  5. Share

Best Start is a state Government initiative and funded by the Department of Education and Training. It specifically focuses on two outcomes:

  • Children and families actively engage with Maternal and Child Health services, attending key age and stage visits.
  • Children engage and participate in early childhood education.

You can find a copy of the plan here (insert link to plan).

For more information please contact the Best Start Co-ordinator on (03) 5832 9700.