Zaidee's Run For Life

Register and select a challenge distance to run over the month of October.

Tuesday 1st of September , to Saturday 31st of October, 2020,
Anywhere you can run or walk
Allan Turner on 0412 985 211 or

The challenge distances are 25km, 50km, 100km, 150km and 200+km. Add to your total automatically by linking your Strava, Fitbit or MapMyFitness app to your fundraising profile and share with your supporters so they can watch you achieve your target over the month. You can also create or join a team and watch the km's really add up!! 

The funds raised will go to Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation to continue their work in raising awareness and closing the gap between those in need of organs and tissue and the number of registered donors. Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation will donate a portion of the funds raised to Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.


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