Climate Change

Climate change poses a real and significant risk to Council’s services, infrastructure and the community.

Climate Adaptation Plan

Council has recently adopted a climate adaptation plan in order to identify and assess climate risks to Council’s assets and services.

The Plan has identified impacts and risks to Council Infrastructure, Council Services, our Population, and our Region.

Council’s Sustainability and Environment department will be undertaking actions from the plan in conjunction with other key departments, to better equip Council to manage these events which are likely to become more frequent over time.

You can view the Plan here:

For further information on climate change or the Plan, contact the Sustainability and Environment team on (03) 5832 9700.

Climate Smart Agricultural Development Project

The Climate Smart Agricultural Development project (CSAD) developed detailed mapping for the Goulburn Broken region to better understand how climate change will impact on our rainfall, temperatures, and agricultural production. Maps of expected yield under climate change at historic, 2030 and 2050 timescales were modelled for 17 commodities including pastures, grain crops, fruit, vegetable and timber species. The project highlights how climate change will impact on our region, and provides the opportunity for our growers and industry to plan and adapt to our changing climate.

For further details on the project, visit the Goulburn Broken Greenhouse Alliance website.

For further information on climate change, visit the Victorian Government's Climate Change website.