Shepparton Railway Station Pedestrian Overpass and Shared Pathway Linkages

At the Ordinary Council Meeting held on 18 December 2018, Council resolved to release the Shepparton Railway Station Pedestrian Overpass Concept Plan October 2018 and the Shepparton Railway Station Shared Pathway Linkages Concept Plans June 2018 for public comment for a period of six weeks, commencing on 7 January 2019 and concluding on 18 February 2019.

The Shepparton Railway Precinct Master Plan (Master Plan) was adopted by Council in June 2017. The Master Plan conceptualises and itemises the potential redevelopment of the Shepparton Railway Precinct to provide an attractive and practical gateway into Shepparton. The redevelopment of the Shepparton Railway Precinct is one of the three major infrastructure projects that make up the Shepparton CBD Revitalisation Project.

A key short-term objective of the Master Plan is to improve accessibility and connectivity to the Shepparton Railway Station for pedestrians and cyclists. Two of the actions specified to achieve the objective are:

  • construction of a pedestrian overpass connecting the existing railway station to the Shepparton Central Business District (CBD); and
  • implementation of shared walking and cycling pathways linking the station with the Maude Street Mall and the site of the new Shepparton Art Museum (SAM) at Victoria Park Lake.

Shepparton Railway Station Pedestrian Overpass

Construction of an overpass would provide a foundation for implementation of the other strategic directives contained in the Master Plan, including enhancing amenity for public transport users, and promoting mixed-use development of the area. Council has worked with Arcadis Pty Ltd, MGS Architects Pty Ltd, and representatives from Transport for Victoria, V/Line, VicTrack and Public Transport Victoria to combine operational and safety requirements with a bright, distinctive design that suggests the movement of fruit along a conveyor belt.

To comply with the various requirements of the State government rail authorities, the construction cost has been estimated at approximately $18,826,500. The cost of the pedestrian overpass is expected to be met by the State government.

Shepparton Railway Station Shared Pathway Linkages

The implementation of shared pathway linkages will contribute to the ease of wayfinding between key destinations for residents and visitors, as well as improving the user-experience of public transport. Liesl Malan Landscape Architects Pty Ltd has crafted streetscaping designs to connect the station with the CBD via High Street, and with Victoria Park Lake and the new SAM via Purcell Street, Baker Street and Hayes Street. Comfort and visual amenity are provided with shade trees and garden plantings, street furniture, lighting, and wayfinding, as well as functional upgrades to drainage, crossings, kerbs and car parking.

The construction cost for the shared pathways has been estimated at approximately $4,748,300, which is expected to be met, in part or full, by Council. Council may also seek a contribution to the delivery of this project by the State government.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this work being done?

The need for improved access to the Shepparton Railway Station was identified in the both the Shepparton Railway Precinct Master Plan 2017 and the Shepparton CBD Strategy 2008.

The overpass is expected to enhance amenity and connectivity for public transport users and residents, improve Shepparton’s appearance to visitors, and promote mixed-use development of the area.

The shared pathway linkages will similarly enhance amenity and connectivity to key sites in Shepparton. By separating cyclists and pedestrians from cars, the paths will increase the safety of these users, encouraging more active transport choices, and long-term health and wellbeing benefits to the community.

The Concept Plans will provide a basis for Council to advocate for support and funding to develop the projects further.

Why is the overpass located here?

Several alignment options for the overpass were considered as part of the design process. The positioning represented in the Concept Plans was determined to provide the best outcomes in terms of safety, accessibility, cost, and land use, in both current and projected circumstances.

How will these projects be funded?

The Railway Pedestrian Overpass and Shared Pathway Linkages have not yet received funding.

Council will be advocating for allocation of funding by the State Government to implement the Overpass project.

Funding for the Shared Pathway Linkages may be met in part or full by Council, though this will be determined by a future Council resolution following consideration of public feedback. Council may also seek a contribution to the delivery of this project by the State government.

Which agencies are involved?

Representatives from Regional Projects Victoria, Transport for Victoria, V/Line, VicTrack and Public Transport Victoria have contributed to the development of the Concept Plans. This has ensured that all of the various requirements for safety and the efficient functioning of the rail network have been considered in the design process.

How will the projects be delivered?

The Concept Plans outline options that have been determined to satisfy broad technical and aesthetic requirements. Both designs will be subject to further detailed design processes following the allocation of funding, to comply with the regulations of relevant State Government bodies, such as V/Line.

View the Concept Plans

The plans may be downloaded below, or can be inspected, free of charge, during office hours at the Council’s offices at 90 Welsford Street, Shepparton.

Public Submissions

Council is now inviting the public to inspect the Concept Plans and to make a formal submission. 

Owners and occupiers of neighbouring properties will be notified of the plans directly, and are welcome to meet with Council staff to discuss how the proposed overpass and/or shared pathway linkages may affect them.

Please contact the Building and Planning Department on 03 5832 9730 to make an appointment.

Submissions must be made in writing, giving the submitter’s name, contact address, and phone number, as well as an email address if available, clearly stating the grounds on which the Concept Plans are supported or opposed and indicating what changes (if any) the submitter wishes to make.

Submissions can be made using the online form below, sent via e-mail to, or posted to Greater Shepparton City Council, Locked Bag 1000, Shepparton VIC 3632. The closing date for submissions is 18 February 2019.

For more information, contact Council’s Strategic Planning Team on (03) 5832 9730

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