Nappy collection service

Council has introduced a new weekly nappy and incontinence aid collection service for residents. 

It will assist households to manage the kerbside frequency change by freeing up red bin space. The service is separate to the regular kerbside bin collection and will divert nappy waste from landfill.

There is no charge for this nappy collection service under the introductory program. 

This introductory program will help determine interest from community as well as provide landfill diversion results. 

Register for the service here

Your service will commence THE WEEK FOLLLOWING YOUR REGISTRATION DATE, on the SAME DAY as your regular kerbside collection.

To ensure your experience with the service runs smoothly, please keep the following in mind:


  • Tightly fold each nappy before placing them in a clear plastic bin bag.
  • Securely tie the nappy bag.
  • Place the bag adjacent to your doorstep, mailbox, or front gate on the morning of your collection day.


  • Bag each individual nappy separately.
  • Include any wipes, gloves, mattress protectors or other waste items.
  • Double bag unless there is a split or tear in the first bag.

How does it work?

  • Place your nappies or incontinence aids in semi-transparent plastic bin bags (available at supermarkets). The bags need to be semi-transparent so the collectors are sure of the contents.
  • Bags should be placed just inside your property, next to your mailbox or front gate. You will be contacted by the nappy collection team prior to the service commencing.
  • Nappies will be collected weekly on the same day as your kerbside waste collection.
  • Council is working with nappy processors who will recycle the nappies for other purposes. 

Is there a cost for the service?

There will be no charge for this introductory service in Financial Year 2023/2024. Further details will be available in June 2024 regarding any potential charges.


Download the fact sheet

To ensure your experience with this service is as easy and stress free as possible, please take a moment to read through the following frequently asked questions and instructions.