Waste Management Strategies and Policies

This page contains information on strategies and policies regarding waste collection and recycling in Greater Shepparton.

Kerbside Landfill, Recycling and Organic Waste Collection Policy

The aim of this policy is to outline the standard kerbside collection provided to service entitled properties across the Greater Shepparton municipality.

Council is committed to reducing waste to landfill by ensuring that kerbside collection services facilitating the segregation of waste at the source are available to as many domestic residences within Council area provided it is economically feasible.

Special Medical Needs

Under Kerbside Collection Policy Section 8, Council may waive, enact or vary the requirements of the policy for a ‘Special Medical Needs’ request.

What is a ‘Special Medical Need’?

A Special Medical Need arises where a resident produces excessive waste due to increased packaging or non-hazardous wastes associated with medical treatment waste and high-dependency disability care or similar.

What bin can I request and what is the cost?

A residential property may apply for an upsize bin or an additional 120L bin free of charge.

How often are my bins collected?

The collection frequency will be per the standard kerbside service.

Enter your property address into our Bin Calendar to find your collection calendar:

When are my bins emptied? 

How do I lodge my request?

Provide a written evidence from your medical practitioner (i.e. doctor, nurse or registered care provider) via email to waste@shepparton.vic.gov.au.

For any questions related to the eligibility for Special Medical Needs, or to learn more, please contact Council at 03 5832 9700.

Please note that:

  • all requests are reviewed by the Resource Recovery Department on a case-by-case basis; and
  • all Special Medical Needs arrangements will be reviewed at the commencement of each financial year.

What is the nappy collection service?

Greater Shepparton City Council is preparing for the introduction of a nappy collection service which will allow residents to dispose of nappies and adult incontinence aids separate to the red lid bin service. 

Lean more about the nappy collection service.

Kerbside collection exemption

Kerbside collection exemptions are only applicable for a residential-rated business properties such as aged care facilities, lifestyle villages and commercial properties, who have alternative arrangements for waste collection services.

Please complete the Kerbside Collections - Exemption Request Form available for download below and email it to waste@shepparton.vic.gov.au. Waste will evaluate your exemption and advise of the outcome.

If you have any queries please call 03 5832 9700 or contact

Organics services for rural properties (green lid bins)

Rural properties are now able to add a green lid bin (food and organics) service to their kerbside collection. We strongly encourage all residents to include a green bin as part of their collection service. You are welcome to contact council and add a green bin service to your collection right now! Organics services are now collected weekly.

Council will be delivering a green lid bin to all residential properties without a green lid bin, starting from April 2024. If your rural residential property would not like to receive this bin, you can request to opt-out prior to delivery. Please only opt-out of this service if you have an existing method of disposing of your organics waste on your rural property, such as home compost, worm-farm, chickens / farm animals etc.

The opt-out period closed at 5pm on 15 December 2023. If you wish to still opt-out of this service after this time, please contact council at waste@shepparton.vic.gov.au, or call 5832 9700.

Regional strategies

The Goulburn Valley Waste and Resource Recovery Group (GVWRRG) develops and maintains a strategy for solid waste management which is currently under review. A number of strategic priorities were determined including:

  • Promote sharing of information and resources between member Councils, the Group and external bodies
  • Complement member Councils in their introduction of the principles of best value and best practice waste management
  • Further promotion and introduction of both State and locally developed litter and resource efficiency campaigns

About the GVWRRG

Greater Shepparton City Council works closely with the Goulburn Valley Waste and Resource Recovery Group (GVWRRG), to maximise recovery of resources and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

GVWRRG is the link between state, local governments, community and industry and is responsible for facilitating a coordinated approach to the planning and delivery of infrastructure and services for all waste streams including municipal solid waste (MSW), commercial and industrial waste (C& I) and construction and demolition waste (C&D).

The organisation has a central office located at Shepparton to service the Goulburn Valley waste and resource recovery region. The region extends from the Victoria/New South Wales border through to the outer suburbs of Melbourne and encompasses the following municipalities:

  • Campaspe Shire Council
  • Greater Shepparton City Council
  • Mitchell Shire Council
  • Moira Shire Council
  • Murrindindi Shire Council
  • Strathbogie Shire Council

For more information regarding GVWRRG’s activities in your region visit the GVWRRG website.

Regional Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plans

There are seven Regional Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plans currently being developed by Victorian waste and resource recovery groups (WRRGs). Find out more about the Regional Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plan by downloading the fact sheet below.

Waste education

Council has a waste educator available to talk to schools, community groups and residents. Presentations can cover various areas of waste such as consumerism, waste minimisation, sustainability and Council’s waste services.

Council's Waste Education program