Resource Recovery Centres

Resource Recovery Centres (previously known as transfer stations and tips) allow residents to dispose of household waste and recyclables that are not appropriate for household bins. They also cater for commercial customers wishing to dispose of bulk loads of green organics, concrete and brick.


E-Waste Ban: From July 2019, all electronic items have been banned from landfills by the Victorian Government. This includes all electronic appliances, including phones, computers, TVs, whitegoods, electric power tools, and more. If it has a plug, battery, or cord, it is e-waste. These items are full of valuable resources that can be reused, and can also contain hazardous materials that need to be kept out of landfills.

To dispose of these items correctly, please take them to your local Resource Recovery Centre (see our locations on this page).

Disposal charges

Where possible, Council provide disposal free of charge, while some items are accepted for a cost. Some hazardous materials, oils and other substances will not accepted at all.

Please check the pages for the Shepparton, Ardmona and Murchison Centres for a list of free, charged and not-accepted items for each Resource Recovery Centre. 

Greater City Shepparton Council is committed to providing value for money service to the community and environment. As such, waste charges reflect the cost of disposal and/or processing.

No cash will be accepted at any Resource Recovery Centre -- EFTPOS only.

NOTE: Loads more than 3m3 will be directed to Cosgrove Landfill and charged in accordance with the schedule of rates (see link below). Please contact Council if you require a contracted amount.

NOTE: The Resource Recovery Centre will only accept small quantities of clean fill from domestic activities (i.e. gardening). Large quantities will be directed to Cosgrove Landfill and require approved environmental certification in accordance with the EPA regulations.

Fees and charges for Resource Recovery Centres and Cosgrove Landfill.

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To open an account at this facility, please contact Greater Shepparton City Council on 03 5832 9700.

Applying for a credit account at our Resource Recovery Centres? Download this PDF.

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Closed dates

Council's resource recovery centres are closed on the following public holidays:

  • Christmas Day
  • Good Friday
  • ANZAC Day
  • Boxing Day
  • New Year’s Day

Recycled products for sale

Greater Shepparton City Council has a variety of second-hand and recycled products for sale at our Resale Shops, which are part of our Resource Recovery Centres.

Click below to see what's on offer - you might also find a bargain or two!