Disabled Parking

The Disabled Persons Parking Scheme operates throughout the State of Victoria. The scheme provides two categories of permits.

Category One (Blue)

A "Category One" permit allows a person with ambulatory (walking) disabilities or significant intellectual disabilities to park in disabled parking bays.

The permit holder may park in disabled parking bays for the specified time period, or in standard parking bays for double the specified time period.

In Greater Shepparton, Category One permit holders don't have to pay for parking at any Council-operated parking meters or ticket machines. However, you might still have to pay in privately-owned car parks, and in other municipalities.

Another driver can use a disabled parking bay to pick up a person who has a Category One permit, provided they have the permit displayed in their vehicle, and are there for less than 15 minutes. This is the only case where someone other than the permit holder can use the permit.

Category Two (Green)

A "Category Two" permit is for a person whose disability requires them to take constant rest breaks, but does not require additional space for entering and exiting their vehicle. It allows them to park for double the specified time period in a standard parking bay.

Category Two permit holders, and people who don't hold any permit, cannot use disabled parking bays.

Category Two permit holders must pay for parking as usual.

The permit can only be used by the person it has been issued to.


How to display your permit

A disabled parking permit must be displayed on the passenger side of the front windscreen, so that the permit number and expiry date can be seen from the outside.

Apply for a disabled parking permit

You can apply for a disabled parking permit using the application form below.

The application form must be completed by the applicant and the applicant’s doctor.