Types of Parking

Off-street car parks

Within the CBD and surrounds, free, timed off-street car parks are located at:

Welsford Street/Wyndham Mall
2 hour limit – 26 spaces including five disabled.
High/Rowe Streets
3 hour limit – 124 spaces including five disabled.
Stewart Street
3 hour limit – 25 spaces including two disabled.
Fryers Street
2 hour limit – 34 spaces.
Fryers/Edward Streets
2 hour limit – 39 spaces including one disabled.
Maude/Nixon/Edward Streets
3 hour limit – 68 spaces including two disabled.
Opposite 90 Welsford Street
2 hour limit – 85 spaces including four disabled.
Fraser Street/West Walk - Maude Street Mall
2 hour limit – 28 spaces including two disabled.

Please be careful to observe posted time limits at these locations. Parking for longer than the posted time limit may incur a fine. 

There is also free all day parking in various locations around the CBD. Please check the Parking Map for locations.

Parking meters

On-street multi-bay meters accept all coins other than five cent coins. It is important to have the right change for a parking meter before you park, and note the applicable time limit. You only need to pay for the time you plan to be parked, but you may not park for longer than the time limit even if you pay for it.

Parking ticket machines typically charge $1.50 per hour.

You can also use the PayStay mobile app to pay for your parking in the CBD with your phone. See our PayStay page for more details.

Privately owned car parks

The multi-deck car park located at 14-40 Stewart Street, Shepparton is a privately owned and operated facility. The off-street car park on the corner of Maude and Vaughan Streets is also privately owned, as with the off-street parking at GV Health, Graham Street, Shepparton. 

Please carefully view on-site signage for parking conditions, costs and time limits before parking. Council will not be responsible for vehicles parked at these locations.