Parking Fines

If you park illegally, you can be fined. Parking fines are set in Regulations made under the Victorian Road Safety Act. Fines for 2021-2022 are $91, $109 and $182, depending on the offence.

A parking fine can be handed to you, left on your car's windscreen, or you can be sent the fine in the mail. If you have received a fine, payment can be made at the Council Offices in Welsford Street , Shepparton; a cheque or money order can be posted to Locked Bag 1000, Shepparton, 3632; or credit card payment can be made via the Council's website.

Pay a parking fine

Click here to pay a parking fine

Who is responsible for paying the fine?

You are responsible for the fine if you are the registered owner of the vehicle. If you don’t wish to pay the fine because you weren’t driving the vehicle at the time, complete a Statutory Declaration giving the name and address of the driver to Council.

Who can issue parking fines?

The following people can issue an infringement notice (parking fine) in the Greater Shepparton:

  • any police officer, or
  • an authorised Council officer.

Authorised officers from some other public authorities (eg VicRoads) can also issue parking infringements in certain cases.

An authorised officer of Council to patrol parking should be able to show you an identity card on request. It should have on it their photo, their signature, and the signature of the Council officer who has authorised them to issue infringement notices.

Can get an infringement on private property?

Council parking officers can give tickets for parking on private property if the owner has an agreement with Council. For example, the privately owned car park of a retail store may be controlled by Council by arrangement with the owner.

Appealing fines

If you believe there is a good reason for you not to pay the fine, you can:

  • Ask for the fine to be withdrawn
    Write to the Council immediately, explaining your objection.
  • Have the case heard by a court
    You can tell the Council you want to dispute the fine before a magistrate. You will then receive a summons telling you the date, time and place of the hearing. If you succeed at the hearing, the fine will be dropped; but if you are not successful you will have to pay the fine, plus additional court and Council costs.

All objections must be in writing and forwarded to:

Greater Shepparton City Council 
Locked Bag 1000,
Shepparton, VIC 3632.

A form is available for your use at the Council Offices in Welsford Street, or you can download a copy via the link below. 

The notes on the back of the form will assist you in completing your objection. If, after reading the notes, you believe you have a valid reason for objecting to the fine, complete the form including the following information:

  • Name and address
  • Infringement number and vehicle registration number
  • Explanation or grievance

The matter will be reviewed by the Council’s responsible officer and a reply in writing as to the outcome will be made within fourteen days.

Why you should obey parking laws

Our parking and traffic laws are there to ensure the safe and fair use of Victoria’s roads for the benefit of everyone. Many people park illegally because it’s convenient, without stopping to think that they might be inconveniencing others or putting them in danger.