Paying for parking with your phone

In the Greater Shepparton CBD you can pay for parking with your phone. This means you don't need to carry coins anymore, and you can extend your parking time remotely from wherever you are.

With PayStay, you can also cancel your parking if you return early, so you'll only pay for the parking time you use. You can elect to receive an SMS reminder when your parking is about to run out (a fee applies), and then extend your time without going back to your car. (only to the maximum time limit of your bay)

Our parking meters still accept coins. PayStay is just an option.

Getting Started With PayStay 

  1. Set up your account by downloading the PayStay app on your phone:
    PayStay for iPhone  PayStay for Android
    To set up your account via phone or for support, call 1300 322 111.
  2. To register, you'll need to input your phone number, some person details, credit or debit card details and vehicle registration
  3. Begin your parking session. Before you leave your vehicle, open up the PayStay app or call 1300 322 111, select your vehicle registration, enter the 8 digits PayStay zone number displayed on the PayStay sign and then select start.
  4. End your parking session. When you return to your vehicle, open up the PayStay app or call 1300 322 111 and locate your session then select stop.

PayStay Tips 

If you don't stop the session, you’ll be charged the maximum fee for that parking zone.

If you wish to park for longer than the time on the sign (for example, more than two hours in a ‘2P’ area), you must first move your vehicle to a new PayStay zone (this means the zone number changes).

Watch the video on how to use PayStay

Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together some of the most frequently asked questions about PayStay to help get you started. If you'd like to find out more information the PayStay website is a handy resource.

How do I register for the PayStay app?

The PayStay app is available from the

Download the app and register your details including credit card and vehicle registration.

What if I don’t own a Smartphone?

There are still options for you. Without a smartphone, you can pay via phone or SMS

Pay via SMS

To start a session SMS

PARK (zone number) (vehicle registration) to 0419 962 119

to stop a session SMS

STOP (zone number) (vehicle registration) to 0419 962 119

Will I only pay for what I use and only be charged for this amount of parking?

Yes, the PayStay app will only charge you for the exact amount of time you have parked for as long as you stop the session when you leave. You will then be advised of the exact cost of your parking session.

Do I need a minimum amount of funds in the account?

Yes, you need to have a minimum of $5.00 on the account at all times and to activate the account.

What if I forget to press stop on the PayStay app when I drive away?

You will continue to be charged until you press Stop or until the time has lapsed/maximum amount for your parking zone has been reached.

Can I renew my session once I’ve reached the parking time limit?

No, this is considered an overstay. The maximum time allocated to a PayStay session does not go beyond the allocated parking time zone (eg 2P signage = 2 hour max session). Infringements can be issued for any overstay in a parking time zone. 

Once my session has expired, am I able to activate a second session for the same car park?

Only up to the time limit of the bay you are parked in. If you are required to be in the area for a longer period of time, you will need to move your vehicle. The maximum time allocated to a PayStay session does not go beyond the allocated parking zone (eg 2P signage = 2 hour max session). Infringements can be issued for any overstay in a parking zone. 

You are not able to activate a second session within the same PayStay zone. You can move to another PayStay zone to begin a new session. Should you return to the area later in the day, you could return to the same zone and activate a new session.

How does the PayStay SMS reminder message system work?

The PayStay mobile application's SMS reminder is an opt in/out option and is sent 10 minutes prior to the parking session expiring. 

You can change the SMS setting on the app in the account settings to:

  • always send
  • never send
  • ask each time

Please note: SMS alerts incur a fee. For more information about fees and charged via PayStay, please visit

Are there any fees for using PayStay?

  • No transaction fees are charged. 
  • SMS alerts incur a fee. You can change your settings to opt-in or out of SMS alerts.
  • PayStay may set a minimum account balance requirement. Your account balance may be automatically topped-up using the credit card on your account. 

For more information about PayStay fees and charges, please visit 

Can transactions be reported or printed for audit and tax purposes?

Yes, a history of all transactions is available at