Plan and Prepare

Anyone who lives near dense forest, bush or grassland needs to plan and prepare for bushfire.

Fire Ready Kit 

The CFA Fire Ready Kit has been designed to help you understand your risk, prepare your property and develop a Bushfire Survival Plan.

The complete kit or individual sections can be downloaded and encourages you to consider:

  • Am I at Risk?
  • Prepare for Bushfire: leaving early is the safest option
  • Your property: How prepared is it?
  • Plan for survival
  • Bushfire Survival Planning Template (leaving early)
  • Defending your property - Stay and actively defend
  • Bushfire Survival Planning Template (Stay and actively defend)

Visit the CFA website for further information on the Fire Ready Kit 

The Australian Red Cross  

The Australian Red Cross website offers a range of valuable resources designed to help people to better prepare, respond to and recover from emergencies. Resources are available for households, seniors, people with disabilities, parents of young children, psychosocial preparedness and coping with anniversaries.

Evacuation Kit

The Australian Government has developed an Emergency Survival Checklist to assist you to prepare for the unexpected.

FireReady App

The CFA FireReady smartphone application provides access to timely and accurate incident and fire safety information on your smartphone or compatible tablet device.

Home Fire Safety

The CFA attends more than 2000 house fires every year. For information on home fire safety, visit the CFA website.

Agriculture and Animals

  • CFA - Pets and bushfire information - Whether pets are at home with you, relocated during high fire-risk days or brought along on holidays, you need to plan and prepare for their safety as well as your families and your own.
  • Agriculture Victoria provides a range of bushfire and recovery advice and support on animal health and welfare, pasture management, pest plants and animal control, erosion protection, livestock feed planning, crop and horticulture management and reforestation.

Preparing your property

Anyone who lives near dense forest, bush or grassland needs to prepare their property for bushfire. For tips and advice on preparing your property visit the CFA website.

Staying safe when you travel  

If you are travelling or holidaying anywhere around the state, make sure you are FireReady. Stay informed, be prepared, pack some essential items and visit the CFA website.