Greater Shepparton Heritage Grants Program

Greater Shepparton City Council in association with the Greater Shepparton Heritage Advisory Committee will begin a Heritage Grants Program in the 2017/2018 financial year.

The Heritage Grants Program will assist owners of properties covered by a Heritage Overlay to conserve these places for future generations to appreciate. The Program seeks to promote good conservation practice (maintenance, preservation, reconstruction or restoration) works that improve the physical security or appearance of a place, whilst being respectful of the place’s significance.

The establishment of a Heritage Grants Program was a recommendation of the Greater Shepparton Heritage Advisory Committee.

The Heritage Grants Program will seek to support conservation works to shops and public buildings that are not owned by Council or other public bodies and houses across the municipality.

Grants of up to $5,000 are available on a $1 to $1 basis.

Eligible works generally do not include routine maintenance works, unless that maintenance ensures the longevity of a place’s significance. Eligible works may include the following:

  1. works to restore missing physical elements, including verandah, parapet, awning and fence reinstatements (based on historic evidence); and
  2. works that ensure the physical security and improve longevity of significant elements of the place such as re-stumping, re-roofing, and replacing guttering, windows and doors, etc.

Council has adopted the Heritage Grants Guidelines 2017 to inform this process. The Heritage Grants Program will be formally launched later in 2017.

Please contact the Building and Planning Department on 03 5832 9730 if you have any queries regarding the Heritage Grants Program.