Shepparton South East Precinct Structure Plan

Greater Shepparton City Council (Council) is working with the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) to prepare a Precinct Structure Plan for the South East Precinct Area.

The PSP applies to approximately 396 hectares of land within the South East Precinct Area, which is bounded by Doyles Road (Shepparton Alternative Route) to the east, Benalla Road (Midland Highway) to the north, the Broken River to the south and existing residential development to the west.

Background Information

The VPA and Council are currently in the process of preparing a comprehensive Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) and Development Contributions Plan (DCP) / Infrastructure Contributions Plan (ICP) to guide the future residential development of the land over the next 30-years plus.

The study area has been identified as one of five main residential growth areas for Shepparton and Mooroopna in the Greater Shepparton Housing Strategy 2011.

The purpose of a PSP is to provide a ‘big picture’ plan that sets out the vision for developing new communities and is an effective tool for guiding development in identified growth areas. PSPs identify where all of the required shared infrastructure such as roads, key intersections, shopping centres, retardation basins, parks and schools will be located.

The PSP will guide the future development of the South East Precinct Area to accommodate approximately 2,500 lots or an equivalent population of approximately 6,000 people. The VPA has written to all land owners within the South East Precinct Area to inform them of the draft PSP and to outline how they can make submissions in the future.

The PSP is expected to be the subject of a planning scheme amendment that will be exhibited in late 2021. During exhibition, any person will be able to make a submission to the VPA, which will be the planning authority for the amendment.

If you have any questions for the project team, please call:

  • Brianna Smillie (03 9651 9632) at the VPA; or
  • Michael MacDonagh at Council on 03 5832 9730.