Tatura Structure Plan

Greater Shepparton City Council (Council) is commencing design and investigation work for a future strategic residential growth corridor to the north, northeast and east of Tatura.

The Greater Shepparton Housing Strategy 2011 (GSHS) was prepared to guide the long term identification and provision of residential land within the City of Greater Shepparton. The GSHS was implemented into the Greater Shepparton Planning Scheme (Planning Scheme) in 2012 via Amendment C93. Amendment C93 included framework plans in the Planning Scheme that identified land that may accommodate future development following detailed investigations. Such investigations seek to better understand the ability of the land to be developed for residential purposes and at what density.

The Greater Shepparton Townships Framework Plan Review 2019 (Framework Plan) was prepared to evaluate and update the framework plans for nine of the ten townships that the GSHS provided framework plans for. Amendment C212 implemented the Framework Plans into the Planning Scheme, and was approved and gazetted by the Minister for Planning in June 2020.

The Shepparton Residential Land Supply & Demand Assessment September 2019 has identified a shortage of residential zoned land in Tatura, and concluded that additional residential land supply must be realised in the short-term.

Council has allocated funding in 2020/2021 to commence planning and investigation works for the Tatura Structure Plan. This work must be completed before any additional land can be zoned for residential purposes. The structure plan will guide the future development of all land yet-to-be-rezoned for residential purposes and it will identify all infrastructure required to support the future development of the land.

Draft Consultation

Council prepared three draft background reports; the Traffic Impact Assessment, an Integrated Water Management Plan and an Ecological Assessment. These reports will be used to determine the level of traffic and stormwater drainage infrastructure that will be required to support any future residential development of the land.

The draft Tatura Structure Plan layout reflects the recommendations of the three background reports and provides information on appropriate densities for future residential development, and all appropriate regional traffic, drainage and open space infrastructure required to support residential development.

The draft Tatura Structure Plan was considered by Council at the Ordinary Council Meeting held on 20 April 2021, and was the subject of public consultation for a period of seven weeks between 3 May 2021 and 18 June 2021.

Next steps

Council thanks all landowners and residents of Tatura who made a submission to the draft Tatura Structure Plan.

Council officers have reviewed all of the submissions received from the draft consultation phase. Based on the feedback received, Council has commissioned additional background reports to address some of the concerns raised in submissions.

These additional background reports include:

  • A bushfire assessment for the Structure Plan area.
  • A community infrastructure needs assessment, which will also assess Mooroopna.
  • An additional more-detailed ecological assessment for areas identified as containing significant native vegetation.
  • Traffic surveys for the Structure Plan Area, which will be conducted in October.
  • An assessment for the Grey-Headed Flying Fox colony in Cussen Park.

It is anticipated that these additional background reports will be completed by the end of the year. The results of these background reports will be used to update the draft Traffic Impact Assessment, Integrated Water Management Plan and inform a final the Structure Plan layout.

A final structure plan will be considered at a future ordinary council meeting. Following this, a planning scheme amendment will then be prepared to implement the final structure plan before any land can be developed for residential purposes.

Timeline for development

  • Preparation of Draft Traffic Impact Assessment, Draft Integrated Water Management Plan and a Draft Tatura Structure Plan
  • Consultation on all draft documentation
  • Preparation of the final Tatura Structure Plan
  • Planning Scheme Amendment to apply the final Structure Plan to the land

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