Access and Inclusion

Universal Access and Inclusion Plan

The Greater Shepparton City Council Universal Access and Inclusion Plan 2018–2021 (UAIP) aims to enhance access to Council’s planning processes, services, communications and employment systems within the broader community.

The 2018-2021 version of the plan was adopted by Council at the 18 September 2018 Ordinary Council Meeting.

The Plan has a broad scope designed to identify and address the barriers that all sectors of the community encounter in their day-to-day life and also outlines the key ways in which Council intends to improve access to all citizens.

The requirement for Victorian public sector bodies to prepare a Disability Action Plan (DAP) was introduced under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA -Commonwealth) and the Disability Act 2006 (Vic). The objects of the DDA include eliminating discriminations against persons on the ground of disability in a number of contexts including employment, access to premises, and provision of goods, services and facilities.

Disability Action Plans are common and well accepted across industry, government and many professional organisations. The UAIP is Council's Disability Action Plan and is intended to be a process of improvement that develops over time, with progress reporting on a periodical basis, and inbuilt reviews.

The Disability Advisory Committee (DAC) has a key role in monitoring the implementation of the Greater Shepparton Universal Access and Inclusion Plan 2018-2021 (UAIP), and are instrumental in the review process of the UAIP.

The UAIP is available for download from the links below in both Word and PDF format. If you require a copy in another format, please contact Council's Access and Inclusion Officer on 03 5832 9700.

Access and Inclusion Officer

The Access and Inclusion Officer provides support and advice around accessibility/disability issues and programs in the community and develops strategic programs which focus on the inclusion of all people in the community regardless of ability, age or culture. 

Access and Inclusion programs are developed in conjunction with Council staff, external disability providers and members of the disability community.

For further information please contact the Access and Inclusion Officer on 03 5832 9700.