Positive Ageing

The Greater Shepparton City Council recognises the opportunities and challenges of an ageing population and has in place a Positive Ageing Strategy to support and encourage the continuing participation of older people in the Greater Shepparton Community.

Positive Ageing embraces the notion that individuals have opportunities and choices enabling them to maximise independence and control over their lives. The positive ageing approach focuses on an individual’s quality of life and encourages continuing participation in all aspects of community life.

Positive Ageing Strategy

The development of the Greater Shepparton Positive Ageing Strategy provides an opportunity to increase connection with Greater Shepparton seniors. 

Our seniors represent 25% of the Greater Shepparton population and are wide ranging in age, skills and experience. The one factor they all share is that they each contribute so much to our community. 

The Strategy provides a comprehensive framework to offer them further support to enhance their well-being and quality of life. The Strategy outlines individual actions under four key themes with each being assigned a specific timeline.

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