Municipal Flood Emergency Plan (MFEP)

The Greater Shepparton City Council MFEP is a sub-plan of the Municipal Emergency Management Plan.

The purpose of this MFEP is to detail arrangements agreed for managing a flood emergency before, during and after it occurs or potentially occurs within the City of Greater Shepparton:

As such, the scope of the Plan is to:

  • identify the local flood risk;
  • support the implementation of mitigation and planning measures to minimise the causes and impacts of flooding;
  • detail emergency management arrangements; and
  • identify linkages with Local, Regional and State emergency and wider planning arrangements with a specific emphasis on those relevant to flood.

Download the Plan

For Greater Shepparton City Council, VICSES Unit(s) Murchison and Tatura, and Shepparton Search & Rescue Squad. Version 2.5, December 2021.

PDF, 20.4 MB