Murchison Floodplain Management Plan 

The Murchison Floodplain Management Plan is a study which will determine if there are any viable mitigation measures to enhance the level of protection currently offered by the existing informal levee system.

It will be delivered in partnership by Greater Shepparton City Council and the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority together with the community.

Its purpose is to examine if there is measures which can be implemented to reduce risks and to build resilience to future flood events in Murchison.

It will build on the findings of a 2014 flood study conducted for the area.

The study will involve:

  • undertaking floor level surveys on properties to improve flood intelligence and flood response
  • measuring the level of protection provided by current informal levee system
  • assessing whether any further structural mitigation can be effective in reducing the flood risks
  • explore viable future actions, if any, related to existing levee structures
  • make recommendations about future flood mitigation measures for Murchison.

The study will also consider whether other at-risk parts of the community in the Murchison area could be protected from a future flood event.

The Murchison Flood Study will be conducted over two years, from mid-2024. It has been funded under the Victorian Government’s Risk and Resilience Grants Program.

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