Greater Shepparton Housing Strategy, 2011

The Greater Shepparton Housing Strategy (GSHS) has been developed to respond to existing and future housing needs in the municipality to the year 2031.

It includes objectives, strategies and actions to guide housing delivery and sets a long-term direction for future residential growth.

David Lock Associates in conjunction with Essential Economics, GHD, and Capire Consulting Group have prepared the GSHS on behalf of Greater Shepparton City Council, which has involved an extensive process of research and consultation.

The GSHS was originally adopted in August 2009, and was then updated in May 2011. The Strategy was incorporated into the Greater Shepparton Planning Scheme on 21 June 2012 through Amendment C93.

For more information contact Council's Strategic Planning Branch on 03 5832 9823.

  • Adopted June 2011

    PDF, 4.8 MB

  • The Background Report presents a comprehensive analysis of supply and demand of housing and associated housing needs in the Greater Shepparton area until 2031.

    PDF, 7.3 MB

  • The Key Issues Paper provides a summary of the key issues facing housing in the City of Greater Shepparton.

    PDF, 324 KB

  • The following notes are a combination of direct transcripts from working sheets drafted by the participants and notes taken on whiteboards during Technical Workshops held during development of the Housing Strategy.

    PDF, 323 KB