Council Meetings

Council meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month.

The meetings are held in the Council board room, on the first floor of the Council office, 90 Welsford Street, Shepparton.

Additional meetings of the Council are called as required.

2020 Council Meeting schedule

  • (None in January)
  • 18 February 2020 — 5.30pm
  • 17 March 2020 Postponed to 31 March 2020 — 5.30pm
  • 21 April 2020 — 5.30pm
  • 19 May 2020 — 5.30pm
  • 16 June 2020 — 5.30pm
  • 21 July 2020 — 5.30pm
  • 18 August 2020 — 5.30pm
  • 15 September 2020 — 5.30pm
  • 20 October 2020 — 5.30pm
  • 17 November 2020 Postponed to 23 November 2020 — 5.30pm
  • 15 December 2020 — 5.30pm

View previous live streams

Click here to see recordings of Council Meetings on our YouTube channel.

Live streaming of Council Meetings

All of Greater Shepparton City Council public Scheduled and Additional Council Meetings are streamed live and made available to the public via Council’s official Facebook page.

Live streaming allows you to watch and listen to the meeting in real time, giving you greater access to Council decision making and debate and encouraging openness and transparency.

Every care is taken to maintain privacy and attendees are advised they may be recorded.

There may be situations where, due to technical difficulties a live stream may not be available. Whilst every effort will be made to ensure the live streaming and website are up and running smoothly, the Greater Shepparton City Council takes no responsibility for and cannot be held liable for, the live streaming or Council website being temporarily unavailable due to technical issues beyond its control.

Technical issues may include, but are not limited to the availability of the internet connection, device failure or malfunction, unavailability of social media platforms or power outages.

For more information see Council's Live Streaming and Recording of Council Meetings Policy (below).