The Greater Shepparton Heritage Study Stage IIC, December 2017

Heritage Concepts Pty Ltd has prepared the Greater Shepparton Heritage Study Stage IIC, December 2017 (the Final Study).

The main purpose of the Study is to investigate the places of heritage significance across the Greater Shepparton, with a particular focus on rural area. The Heritage Study Stage IIC identified 180 places across Greater Shepparton to be of heritage significance including five precincts in Dookie and Murchison.

The draft HSIIC was endorsed by Council at the Ordinary Council Meeting (OCM) held on 18 July 2017 and released for public comment. All affected land owners and occupiers of land included in the draft Heritage Study were directly notified to explain that their property had been identified, to informs them of any likely impacts of this, and to provide them with the opportunity to attend one-on-one meetings with Council officers and Heritage Concepts Pty Ltd. Site visits were also undertaken as part of this process.

57 submissions were received by Council, which provide a wealth of information to ensure the HSIIC is accurate and robust.

Following a lengthy consultation period, Heritage Concepts Pty Ltd has reviewed all submitted feedback, comments and submissions received during consultation and revised the HSIIC accordingly. 

The final heritage study was endorsed by Council at the Ordinary Council Meeting (OCM) on 19 December 2017. Over the coming months Council will prepare and exhibit a planning scheme amendment to give effect to the findings and recommendations of the Study.

Any future planning scheme amendment will be placed on exhibition and include further opportunity for consultation with interested members of the public, directly affected landholders, and occupiers of the land.

Download the Study

If you have any queries in relation to the Study, please call the Building and Planning Department on (03) 5832 9730.