Tallygaroopna Community Plan

Tallygaroopna is a thriving, caring, friendly and strong community.

The rural district of Tallygaroopna has a population of 579, with 264 people living in the township of Tallygaroopna. Tallygaroopna is located 17km north of Shepparton and has approximately 32 small business including farming based businesses.

The Tallygaroopna Community Plan was endorsed in August 2013.

5 Year Review

Thank you for participating in the 5 year review of the Tallygaroopna Community Plan.

Feedback for the Tallygaroopna 5 Year Review Draft Plan has been collated and fed back into the Plan which is now set to be endorsed by Council at the June 2019 Ordinary Council Meeting.

Once endorsed, the Tallygaroopna Community Plan will be available for you to look at.

Until then please feel free to look through the current Draft (directly below) and previous Tallygaroopna Community Plan (further down this page).

Some of Tallygaroopna’s achievements include:

  • Installation of the Tallygaroopna Hotel sign
  • Christmas Community Event – Movie night
  • Community Event - What’s happening in your town
  • Town garage sale
  • Inclusion in Activities in the Park program
  • New town entrance sign
  • Community noticeboard installed at the Memorial Hall
  • Improvements to town drainage
  • Tallygaroopna’s priorities:
  • Walking/cycling track
  • Improved school road safety
  • Community events for locals

The Tallygaroopna Community Planning Steering Committee would love to hear from any community members happy to be involved in the Tallygaroopna’s Community Plan.

For further information:

  • Sue Lau 
    Phone: 0408 054 233
  • Greater Shepparton Community Plan Liaison (Tallygaroopna):
    Phone: 03 5832 9506