Community Plans

Greater Shepparton City Council is committed to developing community plans for small towns, localities and neighbourhoods.

A Community Plan is a written document that identifies a community’s strengths and outlines how those strengths can be utilised to build capacity and enable empowerment for the future. A Community Plan captures the priorities a community has identified are important to a strong future.

A short video about joining Community Plan Groups in your town or neighbourhood.

The Community Plan process involves community representatives engaging their community through consultation, in order to gain their views on future opportunities for their town, locality, or neighbourhood.


The Community Plan informs Council and other stakeholders who provide physical and financial resources to the region. The Community Plans in Greater Shepparton are developed in line with the philosophy of Asset Based Community Development (ABCD).

ABCD considers local assets as the primary building blocks of the sustainable communities.  This approach encourages:

  • Mapping capacities and assets within the community
  • Community driven development
  • Building a community vision and plan

A Community Plan belongs to the community and Council aims to work to assist the community to implement the relevant areas of the plan by providing advice and information on engaging stakeholders and seeking funding from Council, governments, and other sources.

Each Community Plan Action Plan is reviewed annually to ensure the priorities are reflective of the opportunities identified for the community. The Community Planning program is closely linked with the Greater Shepparton City Council Council Plan 2013 - 2017 with a key action to "continue to work with our communities to implement their community plan".

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What’s happening in your town?

This is an event that is run in many of the small towns each year where the Community group and organisations local to the area are given five minutes to talk about their aims, objectives and what they see for the future of the town.

The event aims to bring the Community Plan Committee’s and Community group and organisations together to inform the community of upcoming projects, outcomes from the current plan and achievements of the year and may create opportunities to form partnerships.

Endorsed Plans

Currently there are plans endorsed for the following communities: