Domestic Water Waste Management Plan

The Council's Domestic Wastewater Management Plan was adopted in April 2008.

Council has participated in a regional approach to domestic wastewater management which has been facilitated by the Australian Institute of Environmental Health North East Regional Group.

This approach consisted of two stages. Stage 1 was concerned with the development and implementation of common approaches to domestic wastewater practices across the Region. This has resulted in the development of a regional policy context paper and the development of a set of common operating policies and procedures addressing domestic wastewater, specifically permitting, compliance monitoring, and information management activities. These initiatives now form part of the management action plan of council.

Stage 2 of the Regional Project is the development of the local component for participating councils which, together with the material developed from Stage 1, form Council’s Domestic Wastewater Management Plan. This Stage 2 document describes the circumstances surrounding the management of domestic wastewater priorities within the City and contains a management action plan which addresses the identified domestic wastewater risks and priorities of unsewered towns in the municipality.

Download a copy of the plan below.