LGBTIQA+ Advisory Committee Action Plan 2022-2025

Greater Shepparton City Council (GSCC) endorsed the inaugural Greater Shepparton Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer, Asexual and other sexuality, sex and gender diverse (LGBTIQA+) Advisory Committee in August 2021.

The purpose of the LGBTIQA+ Advisory Committee (the Committee) is to provide a platform for advocacy and representation of the LGBTIQA+ community to support and inform future GSCC directions relating to LGBTIQA+ representation, decision making and inclusive practices across GSCC.

To embed best practice across the Action Plan the Rainbow Resource for Victorian Councils, and the Victorian Government’s LGBTIQ+ Strategy (2022-32) were utilised and an intersectional lens was applied.

The Action Plan will be revised triennially to ensure it accurately reflects the needs of LGBTIQA+ communities. An annual implementation plan will be developed to establish key actions to ensure the key initiatives are delivered upon. An annual evaluation report will be completed by Council Officers in collaboration with the Advisory Committee.

  Goals Key Initiatives
Advice Enable GSCC to include LGBTIQA+ communities’ experiences and advice in business activities. Provide advice and feedback on GSCC business activities to ensure representation and participation of the LGBTIQA+ communities.
Celebration & Advocacy Recognise, advocate for and celebrate Greater Shepparton’s LGBTIQA+ communities. Work with GSCC and community to continue to recognise and celebrate key cause days including but not limited to pride days of celebration and significance e.g. IDAHOBIT, Trans Day of Visibility, Intersex Awareness Day, Wear it Purple Day etc.
Raise awareness around issues affecting LGBTIQA+ people. Enhance the support (in-kind and funds where available) to local LGBTIQA+ initiatives and events, particularly around advertising and marketing.

Ensure LGBTIQA+ communities’ voices are heard and valued.

Advocate for opportunities for LGBTIQA+ communities across Greater Shepparton including increasing support for existing programs and organisations.
Inclusion & Connection Foster and support opportunities for LGBTIQA+ people to connect with one another across Greater Shepparton Promote local LGBTIQA+ initiatives / organisations and related opportunities for LGBTQIA+ communities’.

Review existing GSCC committees and ensure LGBTIQA+ representation, including opportunities to share learnings across committees.

Ensure opportunities for LGBTIQA+ communities are provided beyond Shepparton into smaller towns.

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