Shepparton North South Growth Corridor, 2003

The Greater Shepparton Housing Strategy sets the major strategic directions and objectives for residential land use and development within the municipality.

Two of the original growth corridors identified for future residential development are:

  • The Shepparton North Growth Corridor, being the area north of Ford Road between the Goulburn Valley Highway and Verney Road 
  • The Shepparton South Growth Corridor, being the area south of the Broken River to Bennetts Road between the west side of the Goulburn Valley Highway and Goulburn River

Amendment C203 amended the expiry date of both the North and South Growth Corridors of the (renamed) Shepparton North and South Growth Corridors: Development Contributions Plans, December 2002 (updated April 2018). Any future planning scheme amendment will be placed on exhibition and include opportunity for consultation with interested members of the public, directly affected landholders, and occupiers of the land.

For more information, please contact the Building and Planning Department on (03) 5832 9730.