Tatura Milk Industries Master Plan 2011

Amendment C151 was introduced to the Greater Shepparton Planning Scheme on 6 December 2012.

The amendment applies to industrial land within the township of Tatura, specifically to land generally bounded by Dhurringile Road, Hogan Street, Hanlon Street, Brown Street, Mactier Street and the railway line, which is developed by Tatura Milk Industries (TMI).

The amendment applies the Special Use Zone to Tatura Milk Industries and includes the Tatura Milk Industries Master Plan 2011 in the Greater Shepparton Planning Scheme at the Schedule to Clauses 81.01 to assist in safeguarding the TMI manufacturing facility by providing a streamlined planning approval process and safeguard against inappropriate development that could impinge on surrounding residential properties.

This document is an Incorporated Document in the Greater Shepparton Planning Scheme.

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