Greater Shepparton Resource Recovery Precinct Feasibility & Site Selection Study, 2016

The Greater Shepparton Resource Recovery Precinct Feasibility and Site Selection Study 2016 (the Study) was undertaken by Urban Enterprise Pty Ltd. The main purpose of the Study is to investigate candidate sites for the establishment of a resource recovery facility in Greater Shepparton. The Study was adopted by Council at the Ordinary Council Meeting held on 16 August 2016.

The Study also explores the likely demand for certain waste and resource recovery operations, and details appropriate land sizes required to accommodate these uses.

The Study recommends that:

  • Council uses a multiple location approach within the municipality, highlighting two main nodes where limited resource recovery operations could be undertaken:
    1. formal expansion of the Daldy Road precinct is restricted due to the corporate risk to Goulburn Valley Water’s operations. The Daldy Road precinct may still present opportunities for niche, low emitting, low labour intensive uses through agreement with Goulburn Valley Water; and
    2. there is not sufficient surplus land at Cosgrove Landfill for a Resource Recovery Precinct. The existing works approval for Cosgrove 3 Landfill includes an area that has been identified as a potential pre-sorting area. The capped landfill sites may also have potential for limited concrete crushing/recycling operations.
  • existing zoned industrial land can be utilised for other recycling and reprocessing centres assessed on a site-by-site basis; and
  • a regional approach should be explored to find a site that is most suitable for resource recovery across a large regional area including neighbouring municipalities.